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A $199.99 VALUE

The benefits of HON membership are plenty! Here are just a few:

HON’s Ask an Expert App: Get “The right answer right now!” This not just a slogan for HON, it is our mission. You have a question, we have the answer. Click here to get the app.

Live Technical Support for Your Home: You can contact someone to help you with your computer or your health, but what about the health of your home. HON is live support for your home now. Ask a question, send a photo if you like and we will respond quickly. Never before has a service like this been available for home owners.

Pre-Screened Contractor Referrals: Who should I hire to help me with this? Need to replace a roof? Heat not functioning? Electrical breaker tripping when you use your microwave? Rest assured, we are not only a technical support company but a resource for service and repair companies dealing with nearly every aspect of your home.

As a huge benefit, HON members are entitled to use the Pre-Screened insured and vetted contractors from Home Repair Network (HOCOA). HON has made an agreement with HOCOA that will enable you use their services-and we’ve even arranged to have the usual $59 fee waived. Not just a “List”, HOCOA contractors are head and shoulders above all other screening services because each contractor is personally interviewed in the area they work and must provide references, insurance and is subject to the quality control of a local representative. No online service can match the pre-screening process of HOCOA. Get a trustworthy quality job at a fair price. Services include: handyman, contractor, cleaning, plumber, locksmith, electrician, painter, mover and many more! Click here to learn more. If we don’t have resource in your area at this time we will guide you on how to best select one.

Home Information: What is this thing? Not sure what something is or does in your home? Take a photo and send it to us, we will help you understand what you are looking at.

Diagnostic Help: Want to know what is causing a problem with systems or components in your home? We love to help home owners with common or complex issues they are experiencing with their homes.

Repair Information: How do I repair this? We work with thousands of the finest service and repair technicians throughout the world and will give you the most common methods of fixing things throughout your home.

Informative Monthly Newsletters: Every month we communicate with you the latest home care tips. Help with every topic you can imagine is at your fingertips.

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