InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector
Residential & Commercial Building Inspector


The zoning enforcement officer is typically the first person with whom a property owner will meet in relation to township zoning. Often, residents are unaware of the need to obtain a zoning permit for a project on their property. The role of the zoning enforcement officer is to enforce the zoning resolution as adopted by the township trustees.

He or she also needs to educate residents about local zoning and its importance to the land use of the township. The zoning enforcement officer should develop a system that provides necessary information and guidance to township residents, thus ensuring an understanding of the zoning process. Because the zoning enforcement officer is responsible for approving or denying zoning permits, residents may be passionate about the zoning permit process and may feel that it is an invasion of their property rights. Therefore, it is imperative for the zoning enforcement officer to be consistent and to treat everyone the same. The zoning enforcement officer who has an organized procedure to issue permits and is readily available to meet with residents will make the process a convenient one for township residents.

I have training through the International Code Council and have taken numerous courses in the legal aspects of Zoning laws. We currently perform Zoning services for:


  • Nescopeck Township
  • Locust Township
  • Main Township
  • Stillwater Borough
  • Nescopeck Borough
  • Briar Creek Borough
  • Shickshinny Borough