InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector
Residential & Commercial Building Inspector

Construction Inspections

I can inspect and report on virtually every phase of the construction process: including, but not limited to, civil (site work), structural; building, electrical, mechanical, indoor air quality, safety, and hazardous material abatement. I can ensure that all contract documents represented by working drawings and specifications are properly executed by the contractors. Also responsible for establishing and maintaining a professional working relationship with architects, engineers, testing labs, general contractors, subcontractors, school board personnel, and the general public.

I have 36 years knowledge of construction practices, techniques, materials, and equipment relating to school construction; thorough knowledge of engineering plans, specifications and drawings; ability to read and interpret plans, specifications and blueprints and to compare them with various aspects of construction in progress; ability to detect errors in construction projects; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with contractors, property owners and associates; ability to effect satisfactory compliance with specifications and standards; ability to maintain accurate records.

I can oversee construction projects up to 35 million or ensure that new home your building meets all codes. Let me review your prints before you build. I can oversee all your home remodeling projects.