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Through our distributorship, Northeast CleanSeal of Pennsylvania, we offer total Green nontoxic cleaning products. CleanSeal EP and D-Tox are totally Green NON-TOXIC, NON-HAZARDOUS compounds which form a permanent, transparent, capsulate over living microbes on multiple surfaces suspending growth, trapping all organisms and their dangerous cytoskeleton under the CleanSeal film, thereby NEUTRALIZING the problem by sealing the surface and anytime thereon permanently and safety….guaranteed in writing.

CleanSeal can be used during construction/restoration projects on new materials to guard against microbial attack or can be applied to existing exposed surfaces to arrest microbes and odors that have already migrated to that surface.

We have many products for HVAC sealants, to sealants to remove and encapsulate meth residue. We also offer Revolutionary Indoor Air Guardian and “Zero Ozone” producing Indoor Bi-Polar Ionization device, portable or permanent HVAC installation for coverages in structures up to 2,400 SF. KILLS ALL AIR BORN PARTICULATE INCLUDING MOLD/FUNGUS SPORES, ALLERGENS, TOXIC CHEMICALS, CIGARETTE SMOKE ODORS AND TERMINATES MOLD GROWTH AND VOC OFF-GASSING FROM BEHIND WALLS, IN INSULATION, AND UNDER FLOORING. For more information go to

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